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eTutoring FAQ

Free eTutoring services are offered whenever classes are in session (Fall/Winter, Spring, Summer): Asynchronous Writing Lab and live Zoom sessions.

TCNJ is a partner in the National eTutoring Consortium, which offers free online synchronous and asynchronous assistance in a variety of humanities and math/science/engineering-based courses, as well as with academic writing.

Access Online Tutoring

eTutoring Services

eTutoring Calendar in Pacific Timezone

eTutoring services are available free for all TCNJ students whenever classes are in session.* It is staffed by trained eTutors throughout the U.S. (some of whom are TCNJ tutors), coordinated by the National eTutoring Consortium.

eTutoring sessions are limited to 4 sessions per week

For Writing:

  • Writing Lab: Submit a draft of your paper, in any subject or course, ask for specific feedback, and receive a detailed response within 48 hours.
  • Live Tutoring: Meet with a tutor to discuss drafts in one-on-one tutoring sessions via a fully interactive online meeting room.
  • eQuestions: Leave a specific question for eTutors and get a response within 48 hours.
  • Plan Ahead: Turn-around time from when you post your draft can be same-day, but at peak times such as mid-semester or during final exam periods, a tutor’s response may take a day or longer.

For Course Content:

Live Tutoring: Meet with a tutor to discuss course content in one-on-one tutoring sessions via a fully interactive online meeting room.

eQuestions: Leave a specific question for eTutors and get a response within 48 hours

Course subjects available for Live Tutoring and eQuestions:

  • Accounting
  • American Sign Language (ASL)
  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • Biology
  • Calculus
  • Chemistry
  • Chemistry (Organic)
  • Communications
  • Computer Network Administration
  • Computer Science (Java & C++ only)
  • Intro to Engineering (Mechanical & Electrical only)
  • Intro to Psychology
  • Math (Developmental through Trigonometry)
  • Microsoft Office
  • Physics
  • Statistics
  • Web Development (HTML, CSS, and WordPress
  • World Languages (French, Japanese, Spanish)

eTutoring Login:

  2. Click “Get Started”;
  3. Choose TCNJ from drop-down menu and login using your TCNJ credentials.
  4. eTutoring Calendar in Pacific Timezone

First time users,  see below.

Getting Started

How do I login to eTutoring?

  1. Go to the login page
  2. Click on:………Students Get Started………New Jersey…………The College of NJ…………….Student Login.
  3. Login with your PAWS username and PAWS password

Any special steps when I log in for the First time?

The first time you login to eTutoring, you must read and accept the eTutoring Terms and Conditions. Accept the Terms and Conditions by checking “I agree to all terms and conditions” box After you have accepted the Terms and Conditions, click on one of the eTutoring Resources on the welcome page and follow the steps to choose live echat for content submit an offline question submit a draft with questions for feedback.

How do I use eChat for course content?

Weekly Tutor Schedules are available on the lower right-hand bottom of the eTutoring consortium Welcome page after you login. You’ll see colored tutor icons will indicate the tutors’ schedules and their subjects. Click the icon of the tutor you wish to chat with.

What if a tutor isn’t available for eChat?

You can leave a message through Offline Questions. You will receive an answer within 48 hours.

Login & Password

Do I need to manually change my eTutoring username and password each time I change my PAWS username and password?

No. When you reset your PAWS username and password, your eTutoring login will automatically reset.

What do I do if I forget my password?

Just as you would if you forget your PAWS password, go to the TCNJ password management page:

What do I do if I have trouble logging in to eTutoring?

Contact one of the TCNJ Campus eTutoring Administrators:
Nina Simpson

What do I do if I’m having trouble with the eTutoring platform after I log in?

If you need technical assistance with the eTutoring platform itself, please go to

General Questions

Does eTutoring replace face-to-face tutoring?

eTutoring supplements in-person tutoring services available in The Tutoring Center, 203 Roscoe West, Monday through Friday, 8:30-4:30.

How often can I use eTutoring?

For Offline Question services in course content, you are permitted TWO submissions at a time waiting for a response.
For writing, you are permitted to have drafts of TWO papers submitted and waiting for a response at the same time. You may submit THREE DRAFTS per PAPER.

What happens if I use eChat or submit questions and papers more than allowed?

Students exceeding maximum usage, 4 sessions per week, will have access to eTutoring deactivated. If your account is deactivated due to over-submission, you must request reactivation by speaking in person with the eTutoring Administrator in the Tutoring Center, 203 Roscoe West:    Karen Deaver