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The Tutoring Center will continue to support students. We will continue with the regularly scheduled weekly sessions, the drop-in sessions, and writing help through eTutoring. The eTutoring options will continue to be available.  All of the tutoring sessions will be conducted virtually/online during this time period and information on the details of this will soon be made available (including step-by-step instructions and a short video tutorial). This information is posted below.

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Welcome to the Tutoring Center

The Tutoring Center provides services that facilitate TCNJ students’ learning and persistence as they meet academic challenges throughout their academic careers. Trained in principles and practices of International College Reading and Learning Association certification, peer tutors assist students to master course content and develop learning skills including problem-solving, analytical reading, writing researched arguments, oral presentation techniques, test-taking strategies, and time management.

In-person sessions are organized in one-to-one or in small-group sessions by scheduled appointment or drop-in. Through the Northeast eTutoring Consortium, online tutoring is available as asynchronous writing feedback and in chat rooms for selected disciplines.