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 eTutoring will not be available until the Fall 2020 Semester.   

TCNJ is a partner in the Northeast eTutoring Consortium, which offers online assistance in the following:

On-Line Writing Lab: Asynchronous feedback on an in-progress draft IN ANY SUBJECT or COURSE.
Log on etutoringonline to submit draft.
eChat: Synchronous live-chat in real-time with a Consortium tutor.  SEE LIST BELOW FOR SUBJECTS/COURSES.
Log on  etutoringonline to see eChat schedule for the next available tutors by subject.
eQuestions:  Asynchronous question space where you can leave for the next available tutor. SEE LIST BELOW FOR SUBJECTS/COURSES.
Log on etutoringonline  to submit eQuestion.
eChat and eQuestions tutors are available for the following subjects:    
  • Accounting
  • Math (basic through calculus)
  • Statistics
  • Computer Science
  • Biology (including Anatomy & Physiology)
  • Chemistry
  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Western Civilizations
  • Information Literacy & Research Methods
Turn-around time from when you post your draft can be same-day, 
but at peak times such as mid-semester or final exam periods, tutor’s response  take a day or longer.